Shani Erotic Massage

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Why Shani Erotic Massage

It means the one who moves slowly. It is the name of one of the Gods in Hindu astrology. This erotic massage is suitable for those who want to experience deeper levels of pleasure. It satisfies your hidden fetishes

In this professional erotic massage, the amazing masseuse not only use the body to the massage but she makes also the erotic tantra positions and kamasutra positions to make you feel more during the massage. Our erotic masseuse will also use the sexy underwear to make the fire up between you two. This hotel erotic massage inclused body to body massage, kamasutra positions and also the sexy underwear and small dance before the massage when the masseuse take off her clothes. A pure joy for your eyes. Shani Erotic Massage is available with our outcall hotel massage service. We have 6 amazing professional erotic masseuses who can come to your hotel room thanks to our outcall service

When is the best time for a erotic massage

1. After a busy day, meetings, a lot of work and stress. We all know how the days at work can be. Meetings, calls, customer visits, paperwork. Stress builds up and eventually can cause headaches, muscle aches and general malaise. Therefore, after a few busy days, it is necessary to relax, unload the accumulated stress and disconnect from the outside world.

We invite you to leave your problems and try one of our erotic massages, full of caresses and pleasure. Our professional erotic masseuses with a long experience in erotic massages in hotels, will introduce you to the world of pleasure and tantra. In addition, in PURE we offer outcall service, so you don't have to move from your room.

2. While on vacation. Have you come to Barcelona to enjoy the weather, the food, the beach? Do you have a few days for yourself and you want to take advantage of them 100%? During the holidays, you should do everything that you don't normally, to enjoy your free time and to disconnect from your day to day life. Therefore, it is a perfect time to give yourself a PURE erotic massage.

Our amazing erotic masseuse will not only relax you but also show you a wonderful world of tantra and eroticism. In PURE we know that your rest is important, so we have prepared the TANTRA massage especially for You.

3. After a party. Did you drink last night? A lot of alcohol? Have you danced all night and no longer feel your feet? Have you had an unforgettable bachelor party? The next day, you probably need a massage that leaves you feeling new. That is why we have invented the Xtreme erotic massage- relaxation, pleasure, a beautiful woman, body to body, sexy clothes and also a very erotic shower with one of our erotic masseuses. A massage perfectly designed to regain strength, relax and prepare for new challenges that come the next few days.

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In our massages we only use almond oil, without any kind of chemicals. Perfect to care of sensitive dry skin.



We offer our massages in your hotel room maintaining the highest discretion and respecting your privacy. It will be our little secret.



Our sensual massage will fulfill your hidden fantasy and make your dream a reality. We create a pure magic with our hands in your room.



Our masseuses are trained, professional and extremely erotic. We select our girls with grueling to ensure that our massages are the highest quality.