Xtreme Erotic Massage

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Why Xtreme Erotic Massage

What was your last time when you experienced the moment of sensorial epiphany? This erotic massage is for those who want to go a step further. 3- part massage which gives you the perfect proportion of supreme relaxation and stimulating awakening.

In this professional erotic massage in your hotel room, the amazing masseuse not only use her body to do the massage but she makes also the erotic tantra positions and kamasutra positions to make you feel more during the massage. Our erotic masseuse will also do an erotic shower with you, with hot water, sexy positions and very close and intimate contact. This hotel erotic massage inclused body to body massage, kamasutra positions, hot shower with our sexy masseuse. The Xtreme Erotic Massage is your best option if you are looking for the most unforgettable experience when you are in Barcelona. A pure joy for your eyes and for your body. Xtreme Erotic Massage is available with our outcall hotel massage service. We have 6 amazing professional erotic masseuses who can come to your hotel room thanks to our outcall service

We will give you few advantages of the erotic massage:

Improves sleep quality- Nowadays, many people has problems with sleep. That is why erotic massage strives to reach the mind, the body as well as soul, the brain becomes capable of shutting down psychological and physiological processes thus letting you achieve overall relaxation

Reduces stress- During the massage the serotonin increase and helps to reduce the feelings of anxiety and stress

Helps with blood flow- It is highly relaxing and slows your heart rate down and also gets your blood to flow better. You warm up, and your circulation is getting better. So also the aspect of your skin improves

Natural pain relief-Many people who suffer from injuries, migraines, lower or upper back pain or lupus often seek massage therapy. Thanks to the skin contact, we releases endorphins which are natural pain relieving that works in our brain

However, nowadays, many people do not have time to go to the massage centers because they are busy. We think that after a long day of work, it is good to receive a erotic massage without leaving your hotel room. That is why in PURE we offer You a erotic massage thanks to our amazing outcall massage service Barcelona

The beautiful masseuse will come to your hotel room and she will perform a massage of your dreams. Later you just can fall asleep and she will leave your room without noticing

Try one of our erotic massages in your hotel room.

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In our massages we only use almond oil, without any kind of chemicals. Perfect to care of sensitive dry skin.



We offer our massages in your hotel room maintaining the highest discretion and respecting your privacy. It will be our little secret.



Our sensual massage will fulfill your hidden fantasy and make your dream a reality. We create a pure magic with our hands in your room.



Our masseuses are trained, professional and extremely erotic. We select our girls with grueling to ensure that our massages are the highest quality.